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Compressed Air Light and Power (Moree and Orange) sell and rent compressors, generators, lighting towers, pumps and petroleum equipment right across regional NSW.

Commencing in 2007, Compressed Air Light & Power has grown to become the largest regional dealer in Australia, servicing industries that include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, engineering, civil works, defence and government. We own, operate, sell and service the same equipment our customers purchase – so we know it inside out. Practical expertise is the foundation for everything we do, so we quickly find solutions to get you operating and keep you functional 24/7.

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For any questions regarding the purchasing, hiring, or servicing of our products, get Ian or Joff to contact you.


    Authorised Atlas Copco & Pilot repairer for warranty work, we can also attend to all your repair and scheduled service needs.  Call us today for parts, service work or on site technical assistance.


    Running in dusty conditions – we have the machine specification for you covering Grain crops, Grain storage,  Lint removal, feedlot dust – you name it we have made an application for it.

    Protective Coatings

    Needing standard medium or high pressure air for surface cleaning – we have your pressure and volume needs covered with a complete range of air compressors.


    Needing a Size 2 machine up to 500 psi and 1250cfm – we have the machine for you. Or maybe you have a small piling job to do – and only need low volume high pressure – we can help you.


    Lights, Power, Air and your going. We know there is a vast array of variables in setting up some sites for air, light and power generation applications.


    In 2017, we started mobile 240v LED lighting and now offer a range of Lighting solutions. Portable and fixed LED applications up to 650w per light.

    Give us a call to discuss the leasing or purchasing of equipment.


    Compressed Air Light & Power is the exclusive supplier of Atlas Copco in regional NSW, offering a wide range of 90 products.



    Air Compressors

    Air Compressors

    Lighting Towers

    Lighting Towers

    What do we do?2020-08-18T03:13:47+10:00

    Compressed Air Light & Power is the exclusive supplier of Atlas Copco products across regional NSW.

    Our range includes:

    • Generators from 1kva up to 1 megawatt
    • LED Light Towers
    • Compressors – electric and diesel to 1,500cfm, portable and stationary units
    • Pumps – diesel and electric
    • Wide range of self-bunded fuel tanks
    • Electric, petrol and small cylinder diesel screw and reciprocating air compressors from Pilot
    Where are we located?2020-08-18T03:13:16+10:00

    Compressed Air Light & Power services regional NSW from both both Moree and Orange.


    Address: 55 Tycannah Street, Moree NSW 2400


    Address: 1 Atlas Place, Orange NSW 2800

    Do we offer servicing and rental?2020-08-18T03:12:38+10:00

    Compressed Air Light & Power rentals provide a fast, reliable and easy solutions to keep your business operating.

    Working hands-on with our clients over more than 10 years, Compressed Air Light & Power has close working knowledge of all equipment and our clients.

    There is a wide range of equipment for short and long-term rental, with more than 40 machines available across the range. All rentals are latest models, delivered site and are ready to ‘plug and play.’ Equipment is fully maintained and 100% reliable.

    We understand that down-time is expensive, so our fully trained and authorised service team get it right the first time, to eliminate re-work, keeping your machine working and your business operating. Compressed Air Light & Power offer rapid response, as soon as we can service.

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